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Registration Fees:  Individual registration fee is $195.00. The registration fee cover your child’s Annual Membership to USA Track and Field Association (USATFA), Uniform, Team Sweats, T-shirt and Meet Fees minus Regionals & Nationals. Registration fees are reduced to $100 plus applicable meet fees for high school athletes that are competing for their schools. If they are not competing for their school will also have an individual registration fee of $195. A minimum of $75 must be paid at time of registration and the remaining balance must be paid on or prior to January 30, 2016.


Monthly Fee: Each family (up to 4 athletes) will have a monthly fee of $20. These fees will be used to purchase drinks, snacks, sunblock, awards and to offset cost of our end of season banquet.


Meet Participation Fees:  All athletes are responsible for their meet participation fees. The fees for regulation meets will be $5.00 per entrant. The fee for invitationals and state championships will be $3.50 per event in which the athlete is registered.


Uniforms:  All athletes will be issued a uniform with paid registration. Uniforms will consist of (1 top/1 bottom), Sweats (1 top/1 bottom), 1 t-shirt and 1 Dry-fit Shirt. Athletes will be responsible for maintaining uniforms in a serviceable condition throughout the season and will be financially responsible for replacing any lost items. Athletes will be allowed to keep uniforms at the end of the season.


Shoes:  We recommend that all athletes have a comfortable pair of running shoes for practices and a pair of track spikes for practices/meets. Athletes can also participate in our shoe recycling program in which an athlete that outgrows a pair of serviceable shoes can donate or exchange them with the club if we have a pair of their size.


Practices:  Days & times will be Mon -Thurs from 5:30-7pm, locations Youngkers High School in Buckeye. We may schedule an occasional Sat morn practice to work on special events, times TBA.


Track Meets: All 2017 USATF Regulation, State Championship and Junior Olympic meets will be held throughout the state of Arizona. USATFA 2017 Junior Olympic Region 10 Championships will be held at Mesa Community College and 2017 Junior Olympic National Championships will be held in Lawrence, Kansas. Assistance with travel expenses may be available through club fund raising.


Fundraising: All members of Arizona Speedstars are responsible for participating in club fund raising events. The purpose of our fundraising is to attempt to offset the cost to parents for out-of-state travel and needed equipment. Parents may make a donation to the Club of $75 in lieu of participating in fundraisers.